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B42R0.75 Flagro Optional 3/4" Second Stage Regulator F-400T

B42R0.75 Flagro Optional F-400T 3/4" Second Stage Regulator
: $139.00
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Item Number: B42R0.75
Manufacturer: Flagro
Manufacturer Part No: B42R0.75

B42R0.75 Flagro Optional 3/4" Second Stage Regulator
The reason this needed, the 2nd stage is due to high gas pressure.

The regulator that is on the heater can only take ½" PSI (14" water column), most applications are over that pressure so the 2nd stage regulator is needed. 
If you have a lower gas pressure, less than 1/2" PSI you do not need to install it.

When it comes to LP and NG – this regulator is approved for use with both – the regulator does not know the difference it only knows gas pressure.

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