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Wilms UK Indirect Fired Military Tent Heaters and Ventilators (Military Approved)

Wilms UK Indirect Fired Military Tent Heaters and Ventilators (Military Approved)
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Manufacturer: Wilms UK Indirect Fired Military Tent Heaters and Ventilators
Wilms Indirect Fired Military Tent Heaters and Ventilators (Military Approved)  
BV Series Booster BV Series Lineup (BV155 - BV 535)
Wilms BV Series Heater
Wilms BV Indirect Heaters are reliable in operation, even in the coldest locations.
Wilms mobile heating units are ideal for heating tents and other temporary buildings.
They provide a comfortable indoor climate, with room thermostats and High Humidity Thermostats as standard.
Quiet operation with a maximum noise level of 77dBA.
Wilms BV Indirect Fired Heaters are fitted with fuel adapters to enable them to be used with
either a 5 gallon military fuel can or a fuel tank, such as the Wilms 990-Litre Fuel Tank.
Wilms BV Indirect Fired Heaters can come in military colours, be converted to run on JP8 Jet Fuel
and be converted to 230V/60Hz if required (optional extra).
They are easy to transport and are fitted with wheels, a lifting eye and forklift braces.

Optional Accessories

Type Heating Capacity Consumption Air Volume Chimney LxWxH / Weight Order No.
HZ 190 170kW 580,000BTU 18.45 kg/h 12,000 m³/h 200mm 2400x800x1370 / 545kg 1270190
BV 135 22kW 75,000BTU 1.9 kg/h 1,100 m³/h 150mm 1250x490x690 / 60kg 1221135
BV 155 31kW 106,000BTU 2.5 kg/h 2,600 m³/h 150mm 1395x635x1015 / 150kg 1221155
BV 185 54kW 184,000BTU 4.5 kg/h 4,500 m³/h 150mm 1590x725x1100 / 190kg 1231185
BV 265 70kW 240,000BTU 6.0 kg/h 6,300 m³/h 150mm 1660x725x1170 / 205kg 1241265
BV 385 110kW 375,000BTU 9.2 kg/h 8,200 m³/h 200mm 1985x895x1365 / 305kg 1251385
BV 535 150kW 512,000BTU 12.5 kg/h 11,000 m³/h 200mm 2060x915x1465 / 375kg 1261535
All Indirect Heaters are fitted with room thermostats and high humidity thermostats as standard.
BV135 and BV535 Heaters cannot be fitted with a booster fan.

BV Series Hoses BV Series Slipper BV Series Vertical Chimney 990-Litre Tank

Ships from Suffolk, England Facility
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